Saving Water

Nevada’s water comes from the Colorado River which is at historic lows. Therefore, everyone has to  take action to ensure we have enough in the years and decades to come. Following are websites that have rebates and other information to assist you in joining the water conservation effort.


Conservation Rebates

 The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) offers several rebates to help residents and businesses conserve water.

Water Smart Landscapes Rebate

  • SNWA provides rebates for residents and businesses who replace grass with dessert landscape. Visit the website to see if you qualify and learn about the application process.

Smart Irrigation Controller

  • Smart irrigation clocks automatically adjust your watering according to the weather. SNWA provides rebates for qualifying installations.

Smart Leak Detector

  • A rebate is available for qualifying leak detectors that sends information to your smartphone to help mitigate or prevent water damage.

Conserving Water


SNWA provides tips and information on its website to aid in our conservation effort such as:

  • Stop over-watering
  • Report those who are not complying with mandatory water restrictions
  • Check for leaks, both indoors and in outdoor pipes
  • Ensure you are watering on your designated watering days.

Pool Size Limits

  • Find out more information on the new pool size limits in effect to help Las Vegas address water conditions.