Getting Around Las Vegas During Upcoming Sporting Events

Las Vegas is quickly becoming a major sports capital in the country. With the upcoming Formula 1 and Super Bowl events, thousands of sports fans are expected to descend on the city – which means more cars, more traffic, and more air pollution – unless you turn to public transportation and ride share services such as Lyft and Uber.

The Formula 1 race will take place November 16-18.  Officials have already confirmed that the monorail will be running throughout the event and is the easiest way to get into the race area if you park outside of the event zone.  If you want to use buses, the Regional Transportation Commission’s website provides the latest information on bus routes, including changes to these routes during sporting events.

Alternatively, several drop-off locations for ride share services have been designated around the track and can be used, depending on which zone you are in for the event. If you must drive and want to park at one of the hotels on the strip for the Formula 1 race, please check the websites for specific hotels. Many are only allowing people with hotel reservations to park during the race. Therefore, you will need to use public transportation.

There will be similar traffic issues during the Super Bowl in February. While the game itself will be at Allegiant Stadium, there will be numerous events and parties on the Strip and throughout Las Vegas in the week leading up to the big game. NFL and Las Vegas officials have already started to announce some of the events and additional information relating to public transportation options during this time is expected to be announced by early next year.

In the meantime, you can visit the NFL’s website for the latest information on events surrounding the Super Bowl. To find links to local transportation options, visit the Climate Reality Project’s Transportation page.

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