Fighting Climate Change with Food

Food waste is a major contributor to landfills, which releases harmful emissions. The easiest way to reduce food waste is by shopping smart, donating unused food or composting food scraps. Below is information and links to help you take the first step in stopping food waste. For information on growing food and good agricultural practices, visit our Ecosystem page (coming soon).


Buying Food

Local Harvest

  • Provides a list of local farms and farmer’s markets.

Buy Organic

  • There are numerous farms throughout Las Vegas that provide organic fruits and vegetables. 

Farmer’s Market Vendors

  • Urge your local farmer’s market vendors to use healthy climate-related practices if they do not yet do so.
Farmer's Market in Pike's Place

Donating Food

Here are some places that take food donations – some take perishable items while others only accept non-perishable items. Please contact the organization directly for more information on how you can donate food and reduce landfill waste.

Food giveaway or donations

Reducing Food Waste

Reducing Food Waste for Businesses

  • Visit the EPA’s site for information geared toward businesses who want to reduce food waste.

The National Association of Restaurant’s Conserve Program

  • Information specifically for restaurant owners on how they can reduce food waste.


  • Composting is a process that turns food scraps and other biodegradable products into soil instead of sending these materials to a landfill. Visit this site to find resources in Nevada to help guide you through the process.

  • If you have food scraps to compost, this tool can help you locate a local compost.
Pears for sale

Funding Opportunities

Federal Grants

  • Visit the EPA’s site to learn what grants are available for your business.
Plant sprouting from pile of coins