Protecting Our Ecosystems

As the danger of the climate crisis grows, our natural spaces are shrinking. Forests sequester carbon and house biodiversity, making them an essential element to tackling the climate crisis and protecting life on Earth. Regenerative agriculture improves the health of soil while reducing the amount of carbon released into our atmosphere. Here are some ways you can contribute to protecting these vital resources.


Healthy Food and Farms

Nevada Farm2Food Accelerator Program

  • The program is looking for participants for their new cohort which supports small-scale women farmers and food entrepreneurs.

Nevada Department of Agriculture

  • Visit the state’s website to learn about incentives available for farmers.

U.S. Department of Agriculture

  • The Department of Agriculture has information and tips on how to preserve and make your soil healthier, both for growing crops and to protect the planet.

Organic Transition Initiative

  • Announced in 2022, this new initiative will help farmers make the transition to healthier soil with less pesticides.

Grants and Loans for Farmers

  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture has the latest information on available funding opportunities for farmers.


Las Vegas Tree Initiative

  • This initiative was launched in 2017 to plant trees as a way of combatting climate change.

Nevada Division of Forestry Grants

  • The state offers various grants and resources to support our vital ecosystems.

90-Day Progress Report on Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry 

  • Read the report issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on progress being made to support climate initiatives relating to agriculture and forestry.

Native Americans

Native American Tribal Loans

  • Visit the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s website to learn about loans available to assist Native Americans.

Nevada Indian Commission

  • Nevada has numerous resources available to support the health and economic welfare of Native Americans in the state.

Nevada Native American Legal Resources

  • Learn about legal resources available in Nevada for Native Americans.

Buying Local

If you don’t have a farm or are not able to grow sustainable products, you can still be part of the solution.

Local Harvest

  • Provides a list of local farms and farmer’s markets

Buy Organic

  • There are numerous farms throughout Las Vegas that provide organic fruits and vegetables. 

Farmer’s Market Vendors

  • Urge your local farmer’s market vendors to use healthy climate-related practices if they do not yet do so.


Vegetables on brown crates